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Screen Acting Essentials

29 December, 2013

I attended a series of workshops titled “Screen Acting Essentials”, organised by Marian Tran through Fairfield City Council. The workshops were aimed at people of south-east Asian ethnic backgrounds to prepare them for selective auditions for the upcoming short kung-fu commedy TV series “Maximum Choppage”.

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PYT: The Violence Project

7 November, 2013

The Violence Project premiered last night at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre and I went along to the show to check out some local theatre and I was mighty impressed. I’ve never been to a theatre event there before and was just expecting a no frills production but the crew there delivered much more.

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The Greens fundraiser: Penelope Swales & Ecopella

21 July, 2013

The Greens Sydney and Grayndler held a fundraiser at the Cat & Fiddle Hotel in Balmain on the 21st July 2013. Below are some photos of the evening.

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“Change of Our Lives” acting workshop with Craig Anderson

29 April, 2013

On Sunday I went to the “Change of Our Lives” workshop held out at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre in Fairfield to learn from the amazing actor, writer, director and comedian, Craig Anderson, for the “B+ Agents of Change” project. Craig took us through an acting crash course…


“Change of Our Lives” directing, acting & blocking workshop

21 April, 2013

Following on from last week’s workshop on directing and camera work for the B+ Agents of Change workshop series, this week’s workshop, facilitated by Maria Tran and held at the Cabravale Leisure Centre, covered the areas of directing, acting and blocking of a script…

Getting ready for a good chat on ABC Overnights

ABC Overnights radio talking cycling with Tim Brunero

20 April, 2013

Moz and I joined Tim Brunero on ABC Overnights early Saturday morning to discuss all things to do with cycling. We only had an hour to cover a large breadth of topics and unsurprisingly, we ran out of time…

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“Change of Our Lives” directing & camera workshop

14 April, 2013

I’ve been attending a few of the B+ Agents of Change workshops produced by Maria Tran. The weekly workshops held at Cabravale Leisure Centre typically of a Sunday aims to develop a short series of, what began as short webisodes (web episodes) which has now transformed into, short TV episodes…

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FilmLife Project 2013

13 April, 2013

A couple of months ago I participated in workshops run at Information Cultural Exchange organised by FilmLife Project. The aim was to assist upcoming young film makers in creating a short promo to raise awareness encourage discussion on organ and tissue donation. This culminated in a screening last night in Parramatta showcasing all the submissions to the competition…


The Hub (TV Pilot)

12 April, 2013

I’ve been busy working on a TV pilot called The Hub in the role of a talk show host and a regular panelist. Unfortunately I can’t give away any more than that for the time being, but below are some pics from the set at the Hub in Newtown. I was fortunate enough to work together with so many amazing crew. Best thing was that it was so much fun!

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